The college has provided quality education to the very needy population. To facilitate educational advancement to socially and economically backward people, the institution has amassed an array of infrastructural facilities. It is committed to enriching the lives of its students by empowering them. The campus occupies an area of 13.70 acres of sprawling greenery.

There are spacious classrooms with ICT facilities. All departments possess smart classrooms. It also imparts research scholar’s rooms with ample facilities. Each department has its staff room and all the science laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The general library has an accumulated collection of over one lakh books and journals and rarest manuscript collections. The office building is sufficient to deal with routine administrative activities.

The institution has a conference room and mini-conferences can be conducted in the principal’s chamber. The top of the office building is dotted with solar panels and provides 15KW of electricity. The top portion of the office building and main block are used as examination halls and regular classes are not affected during the examination. The institution hosts SDE students during examination seasons. These two halls can accommodate 400 students at a time.

The institution has an auditorium in addition to an open-air auditorium for performing cultural activities and large student gatherings. There is a seminar hall with a seating capacity of 200 and an Edusat room with a seating capacity of 60 with video recording.

The college has adequate facilities for sports and games. It has an athletic track, two badminton courts, a basketball and volleyball court, tables for TT, mats for the gymnasium, and other types of equipment necessary for practicing and hosting events. The college has got an open well near RARS which ensures water supply even during the hottest summer.

Hostel & Staff Quarters

College ladies hostel provides intake 150 students, and has 22 faculty quarters. The maintenance of the hostel facilities are generally supported by Student initiatives, PTA and Funds from government. There is also strong assistance from the part of Alumni organizations and peoples representatives.

IT Facilities & hub

Sree Neelakanta Govt. Sanskrit College has successfully oriented the campus and office activities towards integrating IT into everyday activities. IT has been amalgamated into the college activities for improving the quality of teaching, learning and evaluation processes, and also for making the administrative processes user friendly, efficient and transparent. The digital campus project of the college is in the planning stage. With the full implementation of the project campus will be fully digitized with high speed internet access and most modern IT tools and software.

OPTIC FIBRE NETWORK:The entire campus is connected with Local Area Network. A dedicated server system has been installed for the campus networking management. All the departments are networked through leased line broadband internet connection with internet nodes and switches in all departments. Wi-Fi facility in the campus makes accessing online materials easier

EQUIPMENTS: There is a central public address system with nodes on all classrooms and staff rooms. Portable electronic podiums are there in most of the departments. Departments have the essential IT infrastructure like Computers, Printers, Scanners, Photocopiers, Projectors, speakers, electronic podiums and public address systems. All major departments have smart classrooms with smart boards, LCD projector, Television, Internet connectivity, Laptop and speaker system. The ICT facilities are protected by dedicated UPS system

COMPUTER LABS: General Computer lab with 30 Computers and accessories facilitate the free access of the internet and DTP work for the students and the staff. ORICE Studio is well-maintained with necessary accessories for streaming Online Classes and Courses.

SOFTWARE AND TOOLS: Open source software is installed in systems without proprietary software. The Office works are well maintained by office automation software. The admission and Examinations are conducted making use of digital facilities. Online attendance management system for teachers is installed in the central server and is accessible at all departments. Students and faculty have access to resources of INFLIBNET, supervised by the General Library and Library utilizes Library management software for book cataloguing and issuing.

MOODLE LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM:The IT Infrastructures of the college are supported by the newly developed Learning Management System. All the students have access to it. Classes, assignments and examinations can be conducted using the LMS. The system proved to be very handy during the COVID-19 lock down. All the students have access to digital learning resources including LMS. The college had provided free smart phones to those students who did not have one. The faculties also make use of the college YouTube channels and their personal channels to provide teaching materials and classes to the students. The Directorate of Collegiate Education had in fact appreciated the efforts of the college in developing such an e-resource which is worth emulating for the rest of the institutions.

CENTRALISED ATTENDANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM:Four punching terminals have been installed in the campus for the Centralized Attendance Management System (CAMS) of the teachers and the non-teaching staff. It ensures the presence of the staff in the college.

Aminities For Women

Separate rest and washrooms are provided for girls. The washrooms in the college have an aggregate capacity of 200 students at a time.

Co-operative Store

The cooperative store caters to the basic stationery needs of the students and is managed by the faculties themselves


The college has a canteen run by women of Kudumbasree which runs from 8 am to 5 pm.