Centre for Oriental Studies

Pattambi Sree Neelakanta Government Sanskrit College is a Special Grade College and has been in the Center of Excellence list of the State Government since 1993.  Pattambi College was selected as the Center of Excellence for Languages ​​when the Center of Excellence project was redesigned at the state level in 2019-20 focusing on departments.  It is envisioned as a Centre for Oriental Studies focusing on Sanskrit and Malayalam research.

 1. Sanskrit and Malayalam sections were formed in Pattambi College at the same time as it was established as a Sanskrit school in 1899 and became an affiliated college at the University of Madras in 1911.  It has the oldest Malayalam and Sanskrit departments in Kerala.  Recognized as a Research Division in 1977, these two departments have already produced a number of excellent writers, linguists and teachers in Kerala.
 2. A Center for Oriental Language Research was established in 1997 by the then Vice President. Shri. KR Narayanan inaugurated the function
 3. Numerous research papers, initiatives and publications have already been published by the two research departments.


1. To lead academic activities that give a new direction to the study and research of Sanskrit and Malayalam language literature.
 2. Digitize past archives and documents in the field in Kerala and create extensive archives and repositories.
 3. Enable the application and integration of new technology in language learning and research.
 4. ‘Nilanadithadapadanam’ (Study of the river banks of River Nila) and archiving of traditional arts have already been done by both these departments. To continue the good work in this area.
 5. Enable methodological accuracy and modernization in language research.
 6. Share new academic insights into the field of linguistics with the general public.
 7. Develop extensive research projects in collaboration with other language departments.
 8. Coordinate academic activities in the field of linguistics.
 9. Enable excellent research publications in this area.
 10. Introduce the contributions of Punnassery Nambi, his colleagues and students in the field of linguistic education to the new generation.

An amount of `1 crore has been sanctioned by Government of Kearala for the development of this center.

 The Malayalam Department has been conducting the Poetry Carnival for the last four years. This is the largest  festival conducted exclusively for poetry in India today.  It is also the largest cultural festival and academic activity organized by a college in Kerala.  As part of the Carnival, exhibitions entitled ‘Legacy of Nila’ and ‘Legacy of Punnassery College’ were organized.

 Digitization of more than 400 college manuscripts is underway.

 Punnassery Nambi Lecture Series and Foundation Day are celebrated every year.
 The Malayalam section has designed a portal that coordinates Malayalam research of various universities in India.

 Created a digital repository of old magazines.

 Vijnanachintamani’s digitization activities started.

 Documentation of traditional art forms in the river banks of River Nila is underway.  A Blue-ray theater has been completed for the show.

 Both the departments are producing research publications.

 Preservation and digitization of palm leaves were initiated.  The students were trained in this area.

Students were trained to read ancient works and translate them to Devanagiri script.

 The Malayalam Research Journal Consortium has been launched to convert Malayalam academic research publications into online peer reviewed journals.

 Digital index of Malayalam school textbooks were prepared.

 Innovative projects were published in book form.

 Organized Malayalam Arabic Poetry Translation Workshop and South Indian Youth Poetry Translation Workshop.

 Reprinting of ancient works.

 Lecture Series by Punnassery Chair

 Some of the activities put forward this year could not be completed due to the interim financial crisis,  disruptions in availing the allocated funds as well as the Covid lock down. These activities will be resumed next year.