Disabled Friendly Features

Providing Access to Differently abled persons

It has been felt that differently abled persons need special arrangements in the environment for their mobility and independent functioning. It is also a fact that many institutes have architectural barriers that disabled persons find difficult for their day-today functioning. The colleges are expected to address accessibility related issues as per the stipulations of the Persons with Disabilities Act 1995 and ensure that all existing structures as well as future construction projects in their campuses are made disabled friendly. The institutes should create special facilities such as ramps, rails, and special toilets, and make other necessary changes to suit the special needs of differently abled persons. The construction plans should clearly address the accessibility issues pertaining to disability.

Sree Neelakanta Government Sanskrit College, Pattambiis maintained disabled friendly, which is clearly visible in the vision and mission statement of the college.

Motto, Vision and Mission 

Motto: Enlightening Education for a Broader and Brighter Tomorrow 

Vision: To enhance reputation as a world-class institution providing enlightening education and encouraging intellectual pursuits to make the world a better place for all and to the benefit of all.

Mission: Offer quality education to students belonging to all sections of society with equal opportunities – abiding values of egalitarian democracy, multi-culturalism, social pluralism, and gender neutrality.

Facilities available at SNGS College, Pattambi

In order to ensure all these, the following facilities available at SNGS College Pattambi Campus

  • Signage in outdoor spaces to communicate information through graphic display. The international symbol of accessibility is used wherever possible.
  • Glare free and friendly coloured surfaces.
  • Paved and unpaved paths for pedestrian use only.
  • Tactile paths wherever required.
  • Ramps in all our buildings.
  • Wheelchairs for differentially-abled students.
  • The college has toilets and washrooms exclusively for our divyangjan students.
  • Signposts and signboards are kept everywhere to ensure our campus student-friendly.
  • Provision for disabled-friendly lifts
  • Scribe assistance for theory examinations
  • Audio books – prepared by research scholars of Malayalam Department with the aid of faculty.
  • Podcasting and audio assistance – for visually challenged students via LMS
  • Facility for uploading audio assignments via LMS
  • Inclusive classroom allocation: In each academic year ground floor classrooms will be allocated to that Department, where needy differentially abled students have taken admission.

Activities/Events to enforce inclusive academic environment

In addition to this the college has organized the following activities/events to enforce the inclusive nature of the academic environment.

  • Institutional Distinctiveness:  Over the past several years, SNGS College Pattambi has been working to enhance its reputation in including all categories of students and also cater the need of local community.  In this direction, we are organizing The Poetry Carnival from 2015-16 onwards, which we have already identified as an activity to showcase our distinctiveness.  In order to address the differentially abled persons, a separate session for visually challenged poets had included in Poetry Carnival 2019-20 (Please paste the proper link here). The goal of this strategic initiative is to emphasize the importance given in this direction and the need of proper space for differentially-abled persons.
  • Exhibition for Visually challenged individuals:  A separate exhibition has been conducted to familiarize the devices, tools and facilities for visually challenged persons and poets.  This program has been supported by Blind’s association, Palakkad.
  • Transgender Carnival: (More write should be included here.  Paste relevant link too)
  • Various seminar and activities of the campus deals with the above-mentioned approach.