Rules & Regulations

1. Be clean and decorous in your dress
2. In your speech and behaviour be guided by your sense of honour and self-respect.
3. Ask for permission before you enter or leave a class at work.
4. When a teacher or visitor enters your class, rise from your seat and remain standing until he takes his seat or asks to take your seat.
5. When changing classes proceed from one room to another quietly moving in a line as far as possible and keeping to the left. Leaving space for those coming the opposite direction.
6. Utilize the free hours and amenities of the library, common room, etc. without disturbing classes at work.
7. Help to keep furniture, fittings and other equipments in the College neat and in the most serviceable condition. Do not disfigure college walls or furniture with any writing or engraving.
8. Perfect silence should be maintained in the reading room, library and common room.
9. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the College premises.
10. Do not present mass petition to principal make representation on College affairs to higher authorities only through the principal and to the Principal only through your Staff Advisor.
11. Except at the meetings of the College association don not hold or address any gathering within the College premises without the Principal’s special permission.
12. Avoid organizations outside the college so s to save your self the worries and troubles from divided loyalties. No new association shall be formed in the College without Principal’s permission.
13. Do not take part in any activities, which oppose constituted authority, which excite disloyalty to your college or provoke Communal, ill feeling.
14. In case of doubts and difficulties or for redressal of grievances consult your Staff Advisor.

Admission and Transfer
• Application for admission should be made in the prescribed form to be had from the office. A Registration fee of Rs.30 (Rupees Thirty only-non refundable) should be remitted in the college office to get the application form.
• Students selected for admission should produce at the time of interview ,the admission card and the documents mentioned in the prospectus.
• Students who are found to have obtained admission by false representation will be summarily dismissed and all fee paid will be forfeited.
• No Transfer Certificate shall be issued to those who have to pay any dues to the college.
• No fee will be levied from those who applied for the Transfer Certificate either at the time of leaving the College or within one year after the closing date of the College in the academic year.
• An additional fee of Rs.25 will be levied from those who apply for duplicate copies of the Transfer Certificate.
• No fee will be levied for the issue of Course and Conduct Certificate.
• Conduct Certificate is a document which the student has to earn. It will not be issued as a matter of course.
• Admission and selection to all classes are governed by the rules laid down by Government from time to time. Principal’s decision will be final.
• Age Rules for admission –Degree candidates should have attained the age of 16 years on the 15th July of the year of admission .
• Submission of photographs-All applicants should produce at the time of admission two copies of their recently taken passport size photographs . One copy to be affixed on the Principal’s card and other for issuing the Identity Card.
• Identity card –Every student of the College will be issued with an identity card on enrolment to which he/she shall affix a passport size photograph of his/her .No fee will be charged for the first issue. A penalty of Rs.50 (Fifty Rupees ) will have to be paid for the issue of a duplicate Identity card. All transactions in the College will be entertained only on production of this Identity card.
• Return of documents-Documents / Certificates submitted to the Principal will be kept for reference in the College and will not be returned to the student till the completion of the course of study. Hence students have to take sufficient number of true copies of the certificates for their use.

Code of Conduct


Code of Ethics