Non Governmental Scholarsips

Policy Non Governmental Scholarship

Non-Governmental Scholarships and Free Scholarships are offered to students by PTA and Departments. The college has a system of finding students with financial difficulties at the time of admission. 
The institute has a PTA fee waiver scheme to help students who are in need of fees relaxation and financial assistance at the time of gaining admission in the college. 

Teachers in all departments provide the necessary assistance to students. The College has a general policy that departments should intervene in such matters.

From 2015 to 2020, the Departments of Sanskrit, Commerce, Malayalam, Arabic and Chemistry provided financial assistance in collaboration with the Alumni.

College LMS began to be increasingly used to conduct online learning activities in the context of the COVID pandemic. At that time, the lack of digital gadgets was also faced by college students. As a solution to this problem, PTA took the initiative to provide 27 mobile phones to the students with the financial assistance of the teachers, researchers, faculty members of the college who participated in the online training programmes conducted by the college LMS team.